10 July 2019

We opened water well in Africa / Mali

Integrity Association,beside needs of African people

As Integrity Association, we continue to meet the needs of African people with “a blob, a thousand smiles” project.In April of 2019, in the country of Mali in Africa, we have ensured that thousands of people have access to healthy and clean water resources in the collective water wells.

They reached clean water resources!

People had been trying to meet their water needs from the puddles that were miles away because their villages did not have not water wells as well as clean water.
People drinking from these waters, which by the way, are not very clean, can cause bad diseases .
As integrity Association we decided to open water wells on the African continent to meet people’s need for clean water with our “a blob, a thousand smiles” project.

We started the collective water well on our website with our campaign. In the name of the prophet, whose campaign was completed with the support of charity lovers, water wells came to life in a needy village 250 miles from Bamako, the capital of Mali. With the opening of these water wells, the people who walked for miles every day just to get some water now do not need to worry about such thing. Their lives have gotten a whole lot easier!

We would like to thank all the philanthropists who supported the opening of our water wells on behalf of the African needy.

We are working opening water wells in throughout the Africa continent.

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